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Merch Cat is the best way to organize inventory, track payments, and get real-time reports. Move seamlessly from stagefront to storefront.

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Playing for a packed room or just a few diehard fans may fuel your soul but you need to sell a few t-shirts to fuel the van.

Merch Cat is your all-in-one solution


Keep it SIMPLE.

Analytics you can use.

Managing your merch shouldn't feel like managing a business.

Automatic Business Reports

Spend more time on your music and less on spreadsheets with Merch Cat.

Friendly Pricing

We set out with one goal in mind: to make merch management affordable for every artist. Whether you are playing patios or your favorite theater, we help you sell more.



There's so much to love

Point of Sale

Merch Cat has a built in point of sale system powered by Square and PayPal, names you can trust. Merch Cat lets you take cards, cash and transact offline with a cash only option.

Inventory Management

So easy, your little brother can run your table! Just upload your inventory, set your item prices and immediately connect fans to your latest merch all before soundcheck.

Real-time Reporting

Managing your band is a lot like running a small business, but who says it has to be boring? Instantly view all of your sales and inventory at a glance with Merch Cat. Additionally, make your sales count by reporting them to BuzzAngle and Soundscan through our partner Indie Hitmaker.

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